Coronavirus + The Makeup Artist

COVID 19, or the Coronavirus, is a huge topic right now both locally and globally and is very likely going to continue to be all of over the news and social media. It's hard not to get caught up in the propaganda and fear that is quickly spreading across the world, especially with new reports that there are cases being reported in and around the Washington area. The CDC is recommending you take precautions, wash your hands, and don't panic.

As someone who works in extremely close proximity with many different people, I always strive to be as sanitary as possible with all of my supplies and practices on a daily basis. I want to express to my clients that I am taking additional precautions on top of my usual sanitation habits to prevent any spreading of viruses, including:

*longer and more thorough hand washing

*working off of a metal palette

*limiting touching the face with skin to skin contact as much as possible

*carrying additional sets of clean brushes to ensure that each client is getting their own fresh set

*wiping down all products and tools with disinfecting wipes post-service

In accordance with the CDC's advice, I encourage all clients to please stay home and take care of yourself and to reschedule if you are feeling sick or if someone in your household is sick.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and know that while this is a scary time we will get through this together with all of the hand sanitizer... and a little lipstick!



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